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Cello Day

10 January 2014


I am pleased to announce that I will be taking part in and assisting with the Cello Day in Thornbury on February 9, 2014 - run by Chris Hill.


It is a day of cello ensemble work - and the repertoire will be:

- Villa Lobos "Bachianas Brasilieras No.1 (2nd mvt)"

- Klengel "Hymnus"

- Tallis "Motet for 40 voices"


For any cellists young & old - ABRSM Grade 5/6 and above -


-- please contact Chris Hill (before January 28):

         chris  [at]  cheesetoasties  [dot]  com


See you there!

Technique Boot Camp

12 November 2013


I've been spending the past several months immersing myself (as well as some unfortunate students!) in what I like to call Technique Boot Camp.  Essentially, the objective is to look at many of the standard Etudes & Daily Exercises - such as Dotzauer, Duport, Popper, Sevcik, Feuilliard, Cossmann, etc - and analyze a few things.


1) What are the difficulties involved from making leaps from Dotzauer to Duport, from Duport to Popper, et al?


2) After considering the skills fortified by such Etudes & Daily Exercises - what techniques could still be enhanced further?


The preliminary results have been very interesting so far, and as a result, I have been composing some of my own Daily Exercises.  Stay tuned for a sneak peek!

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